UKCP’s mission, policy, goals and priorities


We, “UKCP”, Ltd., produce power electrical capacitors, capacitor banks and other electric and technical products for energetic systems and industrial enterprises. Our products let the consumers use electrical energy effectively and economically and improve the quality of consumed and transmitted electrical energy. Keeping blameless reputation we satisfy our consumer with qualitative, reliable products at competitive prices in a proper time. We are governed by the principles of business ethics in relation with clients, partners and competitors.

Company Policy

The policy of the integrated management system in the field of quality, environmental protection, labor safety and health protection of “Ust-Kamenogorsk Capacitor Plant”, Ltd.

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of electrical equipment for power systems and industrial plants.

By producing energy-saving equipment, we make a significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources through the efficient and economical use and improvement of the quality of consumed and transmitted electricity.

We are fully aware of our responsibility to society for preserving the life and health of people working under the management of “UKCP” Ltd., considering labor protection activities as an integral part of business and a prerequisite for achieving the mission.

We consider the provision of environmental protection, industrial safety, labor protection and health of employees, quality of manufactured products to be the strategic priorities of our company.

In order to continuously improve customer satisfaction, reduce the risks of exposure to hazardous and harmful production factors, and taking into account the potential danger of a negative impact of production activities on the environment, the management of the Organization undertakes to:

— maintaining an integrated management system (IMS) and constantly improving customer satisfaction and product quality, environmental performance and the effectiveness of the health and safety management system;

— fulfillment by all employees of the Organization of legislative, regulatory requirements and expectations of other interested parties;

— allocation of the necessary resources for the functioning of IMS processes and to achieve a high technological, environmental and safe level of production;

– training and motivation of personnel in order to increase their awareness, awareness and responsibility in matters relating to product quality, environmental protection, labor protection and safety;

– creation of a safe and healthy working environment that allows each employee to make the maximum contribution to the prosperity of the Organization;

— improving the interaction between management system processes;

—  expansion of the sales market;

— increasing the prestige of the Organization by satisfying consumer requests for product quality and organizing effective feedback from consumers;

— improvement of product quality control;

— development, implementation and control over the implementation of measures to reduce existing environmental impacts and to diminish hazards and risks up to an acceptable level;

— implementation of a system for monitoring the main sources of environmental pollution, monitoring working conditions, monitoring compliance with applicable legal requirements in the field of ecology and labor protection;

— reduction of risks of emergency impact;

— rational use of natural and raw materials;

– carrying out of consultations with employees, as well as ensuring the participation of them and representatives of employees in the field of labor safety and health protection;

— providing employees with personal and collective protection equipment.

The management takes responsibility for the implementation and analysis of this Policy and the continuous improvement of IMS, in accordance with the requirements of international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

Our vision, long-term goal

Is to become a leader in capacitor building and in other electric and technical goods production.

The main thing for our plant – is an efficient team of likeminded and professional people. For our colleagues is very important to work as efficiently as possible, estimate company’s interests as their own, and constantly keep the ball rolling.


  1. Customer’s needs satisfaction
  2. Economical efficiency
  3. Work in team
  4. Prestige
  5. Honesty
  6. Quality
  7. Reputation
  8. Professionalism

Our moto: Energy saving – our direction! Capacitors – our products! Quality – our credo!