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Active harmonic filters and power optimization device PQSine

Active Harmonic Filters

Wall hanging cabinet (for 25A or 150 A


Higher harmonics level decrease (from 2-nd up to 50-th order);
Dynamic reactive power compensation;
Active load balancing in all phases;
Improving of electricity quality and improving of power system reliability;
Comprehensive overload protection;
Over-voltage and under-voltage protection.

Active harmonic filters and power optimization devices of PQSine series UKCP production are based on modern power electronic technology.
They are installed parallel to the load generating non-sinusoidal distortions. An active filter analyzes the current of main frequency and the currents of higher harmonics, and then generates a compensation current in the opposite phase, which allows to reduce the level of distortions and obtain an almost sinusoidal waveform (see Fig. 1).
Figure 2 shows a total current distortion of higher harmonics without active pqsine filter and power optimizer; figure 3 shows the result with enabled pqsine active filter and power optimizer. The result of PQSine switching on is a significant reduction of non-sinusoidal distortions in the network.
In addition to higher harmonics level reduction the pqsine active filter and electrical energy optimizer are able to balance the loads in all three phases, as well as to perform dynamic compensation of reactive power VAR. A reduction of possibility of resonant phenomena can ensure a high reliability of power system and maintain a high productivity of the technological process.
A modular design principle greatly simplifies the production and service maintenance of active filters. A special algorithm of data processing is superior in speed of traditional algorithms based on the fast Fourier transform. A 32-bit digital processor allows to respond to fast-flowing changes in the network at a speed of not more than 21 msec.
Phase-by-phase operation of active filter provides not only a reduction of higher harmonic distortions and increase of power factor of electricity consumption, but also phase-by-phase load balancing.

Active Harmonic Filters
Figure 1: principle of active filter
Active Harmonic Filters
Figure 2: General distortions of current harmonics without active filter
Active Harmonic Filters
Figure 3: A distortion of current harmonics with enabled active filter

PQSine filter provides a suppression of higher harmonics regardless of the number of electrical receivers.

Peculiar properties

  • Compact design
  • Filtering of higher harmonic distortions up to 50th order
  • Advanced digital control
  • Elimination of  resonance risk
  • Active load balancing
  • Ultra-fast reactive power compensation (inductive or capacitive)
  • Expandable modular system 25 A up to 500 A,
  • Harmonic compensation for 3-wire and 4-wire systems
  • Reduced flicker effect
  • Load balancing between phases and unloading of neutral wire
  • Support for Ethernet and Ethercat communication protocols
  • Subsystem control unit,  active touch block,  data transfer protocol support ModBus, software analyzer
  • Convenient interface
  • High performance and reliability
  • Low sensitivity to external network factors
  • Easy mounting

Application scope:
Dynamic suppression of higher current harmonics and reactive power in 3-phase networks, e.g. for data processing centers, electricity generation, manufacture of equipment sensitive to interferences, industrial production of machines, cars, electric welding systems, plastic industry, office buildings and shopping centers, etc.

Safety features:

  • High safety and maximum reliability
  • Overload protection
  • Built-in short-circuit protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Protection of inverter
  • Resonance protection
  • Fan fault alarm

Depending on customer’s needs UKCP offers complete panels, wall-mounted cabinets or modules.
Modular system for currents is up to 300 A in one cabinet. If it is necessary to increase filter power, a cabinet design allows to install additional modules PQSine series up to 5 pcs.

Active Harmonic Filters
On-floor cabinet (60-600 A)
Active Harmonic Filters
Wall-hanging cabinet (for 25A or 150 A)
Active Harmonic Filters
60 A Active Filter Module