Capacitor Banks

One of the most important tasks for optimizing the operation of electrical equipment at enterprises is the effective compensation of reactive power. Capacitor Banks will help to solve it since they have found a wide application at large industrial facilities in the machine-building, food, metallurgical, chemical, and oil-refining industries,

Capacitor Banks

High-Voltage Equipment

“UKCP”, Ltd. produces high-voltage capacitor units of various types, which allow optimizing the voltage in power grids from 1000 V during periods of peak voltage indicators.

Capacitor Banks

You can buy high voltage capacitor banks of the following types at our company:

UKL, UKLP – non-adjustable upgraded capacitor banks, which, by compensating for reactive power, reduce current loads at distribution nodes and in networks with a constant load. In this case, compensation is carried out when the required number of capacitors is connected manually and company’s employees are involved. The design can have left or right location of the input cell.

 The distinctive features of capacitor banks UKL (P)  include:

  • Compact size and relatively low weight.
  • Availability of new capacitors with improved weight and size properties.
  • Ease of operation and service maintenance.
  • Availability of increased degree of protection.
  • Unified design – makes it possible to produce equipment with important characteristics for the customer.

Capacitor banks of UKLF, UKRMF types are filter type. They are distinguished by the presence of anti-resonant chokes, which make it possible to neutralize the negative effects of higher harmonic vibrations.

The functions of the capacitor banks UKLF and UKRMF include:

  • Extension of the service life of electrical installations.
  • Minimization of running costs for repairing electrical equipment.
  • Increased reliability of automation.
  • Elimination of distortions during the operation of communication systems.
  • Optimization of the functioning of phase control systems for valves.

Equipment of UKRMF type has another significant advantage: its operation does not require the participation of the enterprise’s maintenance personnel. Reactive power balancing is fully automated and based on preset algorithms. The amount of reactive power sufficient for compensation is determined by the control system without specialist presence. The value is corrected by automatically activating and deactivating the individual compensation steps.

Low-Voltage Equipment

Capacitor Banks

Low-voltage capacitor banks allow to compensate effectively for reactive power and significantly improve the quality of generated energy in networks with a voltage of 400 V. In low-voltage banks, it is important to compensate in the immediate vicinity of consumption devices.

Ust-Kamenogorsk Capacitor  Plant produces reliable condensing banks of various types, each of which has its own peculiarities and characteristics:

  • UKMT – banks that differ in step regulation. The advantages of the devices include their speed and the possibility of using them in networks with a sharply variable load. The equipment has proven itself well in operation at sites with stamping and pumping equipment, compressor equipment and welding machines.
  • UKMF and UKMTF – types of filter capacitor banks, the design of which is provided with a detuned choke. The use of these devices is relevant when it is necessary to compensate for the negative influence of higher harmonic currents.

Low-voltage capacitor banks manufactured by “UKCP”, Ltd. allow optimizing power supply systems according to the following parameters:

  • Increase in the number of electricity consumers without additional costs for the modernization of existing equipment.
  • Increased service life of power system components.
  • Improving the quality of generated energy.
  • Growth of production rates and, as a consequence, an increase in the efficiency of the entire enterprise.

We produce low-voltage capacitor banks in various climatic performances (UHL-1, U-1, U-3), which allows the equipment to be used in open and closed areas of temperate and cold climates.

Using reliable high-voltage and low-voltage devices manufactured by our plant, you can easily increase the efficiency of power supply systems operation and effectively solve the problems of repairing expensive electrical equipment.