High-Voltage Capacitor Banks, UKCP LLP

Each organization requires budget optimization, and especially due to energy savings. Modern high voltage capacitor banks help enterprises to increase its production capacities without the costs for upgrading of existing power supply systems. In addition, they significantly reduce energy losses and improve its quality directly at the facility.

At the same time, the use of high-voltage capacitor banks increases the carrying capacity of the lines and allows connecting more subscribers.

Functional Principle of High-Voltage Capacitor Banks

All high-voltage capacitor banks regardless of type are designed to compensate for ballast reactive power in the internal power supply system of an enterprise. This reduces the need for its generation in power plants and transmission over the network, which increases the carrying capacity of the lines for active power.

Moreover, high voltage capacitor banks allow optimizing the voltage in internal networks of the enterprise during periods of maximum and minimum loads. The banks with automatic power control also allow to avoid overcompensation – excessive generation of reactive power and transfer it to the supply network.

Types and application

The upgraded high-voltage capacitor banks of UKL (P) type are unregulated reactive power compensation systems that reduce energy supply costs, while connecting additional equipment. They reduce the current loads on the lines and distribution assemblies of the enterprise. They are installed in networks with a constant load for voltage class 6.3 (10.5) kV.

In upgraded high-voltage capacitor banks the reactive power compensation is performed manually by connecting a certain number of capacitors and it requires the intervention of service personnel. UKL (P) banks have design performances depending on the location of input cell — from the left (L) or from the right (P). Upgraded capacitor banks of this type have a number of distinctive properties:

  • improved weight and size characteristics
  • new capacitors are installed with optimal overall dimensions and weight characteristics
  • more convenient to maintain
  • increased degree of protection
  • unification of the design allows to maximize the various technical requirements of the customer.

Anti-resonant chokes/throttles are installed in series with the capacitors in high voltage filter capacitor banks UKLF, UKRMF.
Oscillating circuit of filter capacitor bank is tuned to the frequency of the lower harmonic component present in the network and protects the capacitors from the harmful effects of higher harmonics of current and voltage components, as well as partially reduces their level in the network, which significantly extends the service life of the bank and reduces the cost of running repairs. In addition to reactive power generation, UKLF high-voltage filter capacitor banks perform the following functions:

  • increase the reliability of automation systems;
  • prevent distortions in the work of telemechanics and communication;
  • reduce active losses in all electrical equipment of the enterprise;
  • improve the performance of phase and grid control valve systems.

Except all the above properties, high voltage automatic capacitor banks of UKRM type do not require intervention in the adjustment process of servicing staff. The formation of exact reactive power balance occurs automatically by a given algorithm. The control system independently determines the value of reactive power required for compensation and corrects its generation by connecting / disconnecting individual steps of compensation.

“Ust-Kamenogorsk Capacitor Plant”, Ltd. offers enterprises to increase operational efficiency of power supply systems with the help of reliable and durable capacitor banks.