High-voltage upgrated capacitor banks

High-voltage upgrated capacitor banks

Capacitor Banks are meant for power factor correction (cos φ) of electrical plants of industrial companies and distribution networks for voltage of 6-10 kV frequency 50 Hz with fixed energy consumption at the hours of maximum and minimum loads in a work regime of grid assembly unit.

Application of non-adjustable banks reduces current loads at electricity transmission lines and distribution equipment, what gives a possibility to reduce the charges for energy payment, to connect an additional load.

Non-adjustable capacitor banks of reactive power compensation are meant for operation in closed industrial premises at normal operation conditions in the districts of moderate and cold climate.

Capacitor Bank description

By the design the banks UKL(P) consist of input cell and capacitor cells, the quantity of which depends on bank power. The cells present the assembled weldable metal cabinets, inside of which an apparatus of main and auxiliary circuits is placed. An access to the cells is secured through the doors from facade side.

In the input cell there are current transformers, a disconnector with a drive, control and measuring instruments, devices of relay protection and automatics. At the input cell door there are amperemeters and signaling lamps. Left of the door there is a drive of disconnector’s main blades and blocking locks for a protection from the access to current-carrying parts when the bank is switched on. Right from the door there is a drive of grounding blades.

Three phase capacitors and fuses are installed in capacitor cells. Each capacitor has built-in discharge resistors and is protected by installed fuse. The fuse has an actuation indicator and for its observing there is a peep-hole in capacitor cell doors.

Capacitor Banks secure the following:

  • switching on/off of capacitor bank by external high-voltage circuit-breaker;
  • protection from rated current increase;
  • current indication of static capacitor banks;
  • emergency signaling at protection actuation;
  • a blocking which prevents closing and opening of disconnector (for operation with disconnector) at applied voltage onto the bank;
  • a blocking which prevents input cell door opening if capacitor battery is not grounded;
  • a blocking which prevents capacitor cell door opening if input cell door is closed.
Type designation Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg, not more Normative document
length width height
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-450(300) U3 1670 825 1830 455 (440) CT 2347-1917-01-TOO-4-55-2016
and as per approved technical data sheet
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-900(600) U3 520 (490)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-1350(1200) U3 2370 730 (685)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-1800 U3 795
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-2250(1500) U3 3070 1015 (940)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-2700 U3 1080
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-3150(2100) U3 3770 1290 (1185)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-3600(2400) U3 1355 (1235)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-450(300) U3 1370 405 (390)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-900(600) U3 470 (440)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-1350(1200) U3 2070 700 (655)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-1800 U3 765
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-2250(1500) U3 2770 965 (890)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-2700 U3 1030
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-3150(2100) U3 3470 1260 (1155)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-3600(2400) U3 1325 (1205)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-450(300) U1 1670 840 2000 505 (490)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-900(600) U1 570 (540)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-1350(1200) U1 2370 800 (755)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-1800 U1 865
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-2250(1500) U1 3070 1105 (1030)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-2700 U1 1170
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-3150(2100) U1 3770 1400 (1295)
UKL(P)56М-6,3(10,5)-3600(2400) U1 1465 (1345)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-450 (300) U1 1370 415 (400)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-900(600) U1 480 (450)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-1350(1200) U1 2070 710 (665)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-1800 U1 775
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-2250(1500) U1 2770 1015 (970)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-2700 U1 1080
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-3150(2100) U1 3470 1310 (1205)
UKL(P)57М-6,3(10,5)-3600(2400) U1 1375 (1255)

*As per customer’s request, it is possible to produce banks with different requirements from the table.

Symbol structure of non-adjustable capacitor banks:

UK – capacitor bank;
Х L – input cell location: L- left, P- right;
ХХ 56 – disconnector availability at the input: 56- with disconnector, 57- without disconnector;
M- M- – upgraded;
ХХ- 10,5- – rated voltage, kV;
ХХХ 2700 – rated power, kVAr;
Х U – climatic performance as per GOST 15150-69;
Х 3 – location category as per GOST 15150-69.

For example: UKL56M-10,5-2700 U3 – Capacitor Bank upgraded with a disconnector at the input, minimum voltage 10,5 kV, rated power – 2700 kVAr, climatic performance and location category as per GOST 15150-69 – U3.