Modules for complete capacitor banks installation, UKCP LLP

Modules for complete capacitor banks installation

Modules for complete capacitor banks installation (further “modules”) are meant for capacitor banks location inside them for reactive power compensation for voltage 0,4; 6,3; 10,5 kV. Module presents itself a heat-insulated metal container, what permits to use capacitor banks in different climatic conditions, to put into operation equipment in a proper time, to reduce significantly the charges for mounting and commissioning works.
Operation terms:

  • Ambient air temperature: from -60 up to + 45°С. –Height above sea level: not more 1000 m.
  • Environment is non-explosive, not containing current-conducting dust, aggressive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying metal and insulation.
Modules for complete capacitor banks installation

Capacitor banks are placed along longitudinal axis in a module.
Inside module area is equipped with lighting, local heating and ventilation systems, which keep the required temperature regime in automatic regime. If necessary a module can be equipped with a guard system and fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishers. Power energy consumption for own needs does not exceed 6 kW and depends on climatic performance and overall dimensions of module. One door and dismountable technological panel are provided in a module.

Capacitor banks for voltage 6-10 kV are placed in one module; banks for voltage 0,4 kV are placed up to 5 pcs. in one module; with stub wiring cable it’s possible to install 3 banks (with two inputs into a module). Module has an input from below by three aluminum cables with section up to 240 mm2.

Type Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg,
not more
Normative document
length width height
M UHL1 1850 1900 2500 975 According to approved technical requirements
M1 UHL1 3000 2255 1825
M2 UHL1 3500 1985
M3 UHL1 5000 2500
M4 UHL1 6500 3005
M23D UHL1 8500 2265 4485
M33D(SH) UHL1 10000 (5000) 2265 (4210) 5000
M34D UHL1 11500 2265 5005
M44D(SH) UHL1 13000(6500) 2265 (4210) 6010
Modules for complete capacitor banks installation

In module designation the first number of type is a serial number of design which determines overall dimensions.

For doubled modules a combination of two serial numbers of the design with indication of jointing as per length (L) and width (W).

Modules with air input for complete capacitor bans placement

  1. There is a possibility of repeated movements because there is no need in special foundation laying.
  2. There is a possibility of direct connection with overhead power transmission lines thanks to the installed bushings at module mast.