Gas-insulated capacitor

Gas-insulated capacitor

An SF6 capacitor is used as a reference capacitance in a bridge circuit to measure the capacitance and the tangent of dielectric loss angle.

The capacitor presents itself flat pressed elements packaged into a packet, the elements are made of biaxial oriented plastic film between the electrodes of aluminum foil. Vertically located elements are placed into a composite case.

Film dielectric has the same dielectric permeability in a wide frequency range that is why there is no significant change in the tangent of loss angle when the voltage and frequency change. Film dielectric is stable even at impulse voltages, which is an important property of capacitors. High stability of characteristics is achieved due to proper design and pressure of the SF6 gas.

Technical parameters

Rated voltage, kV 50
Capacitance, PicoFarad 100
Capacitance deviation, % ±5
Maximum capacitance change in a voltage range from 0 kV up to 50 kV, ppm
(parts per million)
Maximum capacitance change in a temperature range from 0 °С up to +50 °С, ppm/°С 30
Tangent of dielectric loss angle, tgδ 6×10-6
Reference frequency, Hz 50; 60
Test voltage 60 кВ, 10 мин.
Working temperature, °С от 0 до +50
Storage temperature, °С от -40 до +60
Gas range at 20 °С, bar 2,5
Weight, kg 30
Humidity of ambient air, not more, % 75
Installation height above sea level, not more, m 2000