High-Voltage Capacitors, UKCP LLP

High-voltage capacitors, which you can buy at a favorable price of the manufacturer, using this section of our site, are designed to optimize the operation of power supply system at a production facility. They are significantly able to increase the power factor of a network operating from alternating current with a frequency up to 50 Hz. The devices are also used as components of high-voltage capacitor banks and static shunt capacitor banks.

Types of High-Voltage Capacitors. Choice criteria.

Before purchasing of high-voltage capacitor, you should carefully consider its basic technical parameters, since the efficiency of using the device in production will depend on them. When choosing a capacitor the following is taken into account:

  • Rated voltage;
  • Rated power/capacitance;
  • Admissible deviation of power/capacitance from the rated value;
  • Availability of built-in fuses;
  • Condition of discharge resistance;
  • Quantity of insulated terminals;
  • Admissible current/voltage overloads;
  • Tangent value of dielectric losses;
  • Type of climatic performance and location performance.