Distribution cabinets, upgraded

Distribution cabinets of shrm type of single-sided maintenance

1 General Information

Distribution cabinets, upgraded

Distribution Cabinets of SHRM-0,4 type are meant for power energy distribution of three-phase AC with rated voltage 380/220 V, frequency 50 Hz. Input and outgoing lines are protected with fuses or with automatic circuit-breakers from current overloads and from short circuits currents.

The cabinet is completed with input apparatus (automatic circuit-breaker or disconnector-fuse) and with apparatus of outgoing lines which are electrically connected by assembled busbars between themselves.

Cabinet connection is provided by cable input and by busbar input. Three current transformers are installed at the input for connection of amperemeters and meters of active/reactive energy.

Three phase strip-type fuses – circuits-breakers – disconnectors are used at outgoing lines, which are installed on the system of assembled busbars. The apparatus is equipped with clamps for a cable connection as well as completed with built-in current transformers (specified at purchase order).

Distribution Cabinets of SHRM-0,4 type can be used instead of the panels SCHO-70, produced at the territory of CIS countries.

2 Type designation

Distribution cabinets, upgraded

For instance, SHRM-0,4-VP1600/1A160/2P200/2P400 U3:
Upgraded distribution cabinet for rated voltage 0,4 kV is with input apparatus protected with fuses for rated current 1600 A. The cabinet has one outgoing line which is protected by automatic circuit-breaker, two lines with fuses for 200 A and two lines with fuses for 400 A.

3 Technical characteristics

3.1 Main technical parameters SHRM-0.4


Name Value
Rated voltage, V 380/220
Rated current of input apparatus, A 160, 250, 400, 630, 1250, 1600
Rated currents of apparatus of outgoing lines, A 160, 250, 400, 630, 1250
Number of outgoing lines 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Insulation of assembled busbars Non-insulated, air
Power supply voltage of secondary circuits, V 220 V AC
Input type Cable, busbar
Electrodynamic stability current, kA 50
Thermal stability current, kA/s 20
Commutation type of outgoing lines One-pole, three-pole
Design performance Cabinet
Cabinets installation Floor standing, stationary
Cabinets maintenance Single-sided
Cabinet’s protection degree IP00, IP20

4 Operation terms

Installation height above sea level, m Not more 1000
Ambient air temperature, °С -40/40°С
Relative air humidity, % 80% at 20°С
Vibration loads Not higher 100 Hz with maximum acceleration 0,5 m/s2 (0,5q)

Environment is non-explosive, not containing current-conducting dusts, aggressive gases and vapors in concentrations, destroying metals and insulation.