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Static Shunt Capacitor Bank

This part of UKCP website will help you to choose and buy reliable high-quality static shunt capacitor banks (capacitor batteries). The proposed goods are used to compensate reactive energy consumed during the hours of maximum and minimum system loads.

Operating principle. Design features

The main function of static shunt capacitor bank is an improvement of electrical network quality that is to optimize the operation of entire power supply system.

From a constructive point of view – the device is a case inside of which there are from two or more separate capacitors with different capacitances and a limited limit of permissible voltage. All components of the device are connected in parallel, thereby there is an adjustment of required power value.

The price of capacitor banks will depend on the number of capacitors included into a set, the maximum allowable voltage for each capacitor, and other technical parameters.

Capacitor Batteries
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