Design Institutes

“Ust-Kamenogorsk Capacitor Plant”, Ltd. would like to invite design institutes to an interesting mutually beneficial cooperation. We’d highly appreciate if you consider the possibility of works fulfillment for UKCP’s goods application in the developed projects. If you need capacitors or capacitor banks with other technical characteristics we are ready for a constructive consideration of your requirements. Relations are fixed by the contract providing the payment on percentage terms from delivery amount for selling of UKCP’s products according to the projects developed by you. You can contact us at yvassyukova@ukcp.kz for the standard type contract.

Upon contract signing you will be granted with favorable partnership terms securing advertisement, technical and price information.

At the present time we cooperate with large design institutes in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Please contact Marketing department for all your questions:
Mrs. Yuliya Ospanbayeva
Deputy of Marketing dept.
Phone: + 7 (7232) 29-33-80
Fax: + 7 7232 29-33-76
e-mail: yvassyukova@ukcp.kz