Services Rendered

“UKCP” Ltd. presents a complete complex of services to all customers for more effective application of its products:

  1. Grids and substations inspection for voltage of 0.4-750 kV with measuring of electrical energy quality (voltage level, presence of higher harmonics, cos φ);
  2. Action plan developing for compensation equipment application;
  3. Design works performance and equipment delivery;
  4. Mounting, adjustment, putting into operation and personnel training.
  5. Servicing. UKCP service department will help you to resolve issues related to capacitor equipment operation. If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone: +7 (7232) 29-33-75 (reception), 29-33-95 (technical department).

UKCP’s products application allows:

  • To reduce electric energy losses;
  • To improve electric energy quality;
  • To achieve maximum usage of energy resources.

Our experience confirms that up to 30% of funds can be saved meant for payment for electrical energy and grids maintenance with energy saving equipment application.